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4 ways for new high school and college grads to get a good start in their careers.

college-gradNew high school and college graduates, who have just stepped out fresh from their little world of books and theoretical concepts, are yet to experience the challenges, wonders and competitiveness of the professional world. They are innocent to the ways of the corporate world and have many years before they are comfortably settled in their careers. This period in their lives is very important as it is the phase where they will decide the career path that will determine their future. It is imperative that they take the right steps towards professional fulfillment and job satisfaction. There are many ways by which they can get a good start to their careers and a push in the right direction. Some of these ways are mentioned below:

1. Seek the advice of a recruiter and/or use a staffing service: There are a host of efficient recruiting agencies and staffing services in the market, ever willing and able to assist these young graduates in their endeavors. Most of these recruiters charge a fee from the employers and do not charge the job seeker. These agencies are valuable to the new graduates as they are well networked and can lead them to the right employer.

2. Undertake an apprenticeship: For some professions, undergoing training under an established industry professional is compulsory. However, even when not a compulsion, an apprenticeship is advisable for a new graduate as it can teach him the tricks of the trade and lend him on-the-job-training. Sometimes, the apprentice is paid a small stipend that can help cover his petty expenses.

3. Create a LinkedIn profile and maybe even start a WordPress blog: Getting active on social media sites can help in networking. Building a good network early in one’s career can help at a later stage, especially when deciding to change a job or a career path.

4. Work and study side-by-side: A fresh graduate can undergo an aptitude test to determine his inherent talents and aptitude. It will help him in deciding how to proceed. Another option is to take up a part-time job which can give him much-needed exposure and experience, while continuing to further his education. Joining a reputed college can also help in securing campus placements.